Sacred spaces+geometric art

Abram Mills began working with sacred shapes in 1989 after attending a workshop about sacred geometry and geometric energy fields energy around the human body. As he worked with shapes, first as cardboard models and then through the subsequent steps of fabrication, he noticed that his brain was being altered in subtle ways. The more he played with the shapes, the more creative his ideas became. After a year of creating hand-sized pieces, Abram built an icosahedron, a 20-sided shape with equilateral sides large enough to meditate inside. “I practiced meditation inside the chamber for three successive nights, and noticed that the energy built each time.”

Abram unveiled his meditation chamber at the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco as a functional, sculptural piece called EarthStar. Conference attendees who tested the chamber reported feeling more connected, peaceful and transformed after meditating inside. Abram received his first orders for these healing pods, and Earthstar Studio was born.

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